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English and Dutch  


Normal coaching sessions will be held with skype. Easy peasy, the only thing you need is an internet connection!
There's also the possibilty to have a session face-to-face, of course depending on the location. 


Because every coaching plan is different the price will differ from person to person. In a lot of cases only one session can help you get started again. For some people that's enough, others like more sessions. Feel free to mail me your story and we will see what works best for you! Of course non-committal!

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What can you expect?

Whoehoeewww! You made the first step to a positive change by clicking onto this page. Great job, that's awesome! 
Thank you for the interest in coaching. 

What can you expect from coaching? 
Every coach is different. Different techniques, different focus and different clients. So let's see if I'm the right coach for you! 

Who am I?
As a hypnotherapist I'm daily reminded of the struggles life brings us and the influences of environment on our way of thinking, feeling and reacting. I'm reminded about the importance of self awareness, confidence, focus, and self love. It guards us against the influences from outside. It helps us setting goals and achieving them. Attract positivity and loving life the fullest. While this is so important, this is often where the shoe doesn't fit. Let me help you buy a new pair of shoes! 

Are you my ideal client? 
If you are someone who is stuck at this point in your life, but is willing to grow and really do the effort to change. Then yes you are! Maybe you want more confidence, you want to grow in your business, or you're done with anxiety and panic attacks. Maybe you feel down, lack motivation and feel tired all the time. Or you need some new clear views on topics of your life that your narrowed down in. Are you someone that wants to be the best version of yourself in all perspectives? Then I'm the right coach for you! 

I won't do all the work for you. No, we will work together! We'll find which competences need to grow and set clear goals.  Every coaching route is determined individually. I will take everything in my toolbox to help you find your way and rock at life! But you are the one that needs to put your ass on the stage and enjoy yourself! 

I won't sugar coat you. I will be transparent and honest, cause I expect the same thing from you.

If you are ready for a real change. If you understand that you need to put some effort in it. That sometimes, I'm going to be a pain in the ass. But that I truly believe you are AWESOME, and you deserve recognition for that! Then I'm the right coach for you!