The power of positivity or something like that!

 "Oh no, not another positivity guru that wants to bedazzle my jazzle."  "A long held speech about the influences of positive thinking on your brain and the amazing changes you can make with it." "Or the nauseating saying: "You are what you think." 
Well, I was just like you a couple of years ago. Damn did I hate reading about those positivity gurus promising you a better world. You know, I'm a science girl, analytic, no-nonsense and a ' please don't bullshit me around' kind of girl. So every time they spoke about positivity, freedom, spirituality, ... my last night dinner was popping up again.

So now I'm here. Writing a 'god damn-it' blog on how to be a brainboss and get those positive juices flowing again. Where the hell did I go wrong? Or right... 

Let's start from the beginning. In our lifes we all have our ups and downs, no matter what age we have shouting on our passports. We all have been shot by the arrow of life several times. We experienced some shitty moments and thankfully also great ones. 

As a kid I was that obnoxious, social, little cute piece of ponytails. Way to talkative and wanting to be besties with the whole wide world!  Giggling and smiling my way into everything. I was born with my glass half full. I did the craziest idiotic things and it looked like life was on my side. As a 3 year old, I jumped out of a ski-elevator just because I dropped my ski stick and didn't want it to be left alone in the cold snow. So my brain decided, "Hey,why not jump after it? We'll make it!" And guess what, I didn't break a single bone! Some call it luck, others faith. I didn't call it anything. (I was 3, I didn't have much to think about at that age.) In my entire life I lost my wallet around 40 times. Every time I found it back, with everything inside. Was it luck? Faith? Good fortune? 

Years go by, experiences, loving, losing, bullying,... it changes us. It changed me. I saw my glass going emptier with the minute. I was tired, burned out, didn't want to go to school anymore, cried myself to sleep and was stuck in a negative cycle of self-pity. I guess this was what they call puberty, growing up? On the outside I always showed my best self. smiling, making stupid jokes, helping others,.. But inside I felt something was wrong. I honestly felt like shit. (Sorry for the vocabulary, but it was really not a fine smelly situation). I was hesitant in finding a solution for my problem. I'd rather stay in my student room, emotional eat the crap out of myself and watch series all night, hoping the next day would be different. 

Speaking of hope, everybody is always talking about keeping up hope. Keep believing. And believe me I'm all in for that. Please keep up the hope for change. But I'm sorry to break it to you, but hope alone won't solve your crap. As long as you're not acting on it, you're not getting a change at all. You have to get off your ass, and do it! You can hope that tomorrow your life will be a breeze. But unless you stand up and open your damn window - you will suffocate in your own helpless, "feeling sorry for yourself" parade! 

One day I woke up as usual. Reading self-help blogs and taking my vitamin boosters in hope they would safe me form being a lazy ass. When suddenly my brain started screaming: "STOP THE BULLSHIT, SHANA! GET YOUR ASS UP NOW AND DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE!" Damn, I didn't know my subconscious could be so loud. Suddenly the hangover of life gave me a sip of water again, ready to make some changes. Here's where the positivity part comes in. 

It all starts with believing in your own capabilities. Believing you have something to offer life. Trusting  your instincts and really wanting to be that awesome self that you were born to be. Hard right?  I know how tiring it can be. That's why I became a coach. I won't be a guru. But damn-it, I need to admit, the whole positivity shizzle really can turn your life around. Life is way prettier with your glass full again. 

So if you're in and ready to take a leap of faith into this crap. Then let's start with the beginning.
STOP bullshitting around, feeling sorry for yourself! START with respecting yourself. LOVE yourself for crying out loud. Cause self-love is the most consistent love there is. 
Oh my god, I guess i'm speeching about the power of positivity now. Djeezz! Okay enough, but if you are ready to give this thing a chance, promise me this: 
Say something nice to yourself every day. (I believe in you, I love you, damn I look fine today, ...) Warm yourself up to the fact that you really are amazingly awesome! Do it one step at a time, every day one sentence of pure greatness! 
I would really love to know what your super sentence is.  Write it below in the comment box. Maybe I can help you formulate or give some extra suggestions. Cause you know what! You are worth it! 
Don't forget! 

Focus small, and grow amazingly big! 

X. Shana