6 easy steps to take your mind from lala land to creative town!


“For gods sake, I’m trying to focus!” “Why can’t my mind be clear for one moment?” “Out, out, OUT!!!” “Lalalalalalalala!” “My head is going to explode!” 

Sometimes Our mind can't shut up! Our thoughts keep on going on, and on and on. Till the point you just want to take your head off your neck, put it in the fridge, so it can cool down for a minute! Let’s say my mind and I weren’t always on good terms! 

I really needed to do something about my spiral of hectic screams and get my focus back. At that time of my life, a relaxation or breathing exercise wasn’t my cup of tea. Even now, I’m still learning to fit these types of exercises in. So I’ve tried thousands of times to push my random (sometimes crazy) thoughts out.

“My dog is so cute!", “Ouh, maybe plants can talk? Let’s try it”, "Gnomes should exist" , “Could I fit this glass in my mouth?” "oh my, my cat is even cuter!" 

 I know... Why keep I doing those stupid things? 

I know... Why keep I doing those stupid things? 

In my effort to focus on the necessary things, I was way too busy keeping all distractions out. I kept on pushing and pushing. Sometimes we’re trying so hard to push random thoughts out, that we'll lose some of our greatest ideas. Let's state pushing them out wasn't my best accomplishment in life. I didn't get my focus back and yes, I ended up with a glass in my mouth! (Not one of my greatest ideas though.)

Anyway, I needed to find something else. Something that would give me back my brain, but keep the creative motion flowing. That’s how I came up with my “fly away point".

It’s an easy and effective method you can use every day. 6 easy steps that will help you drain your  thoughts and make it shut up for a while! 

This is my wooden bird! 

  1. Take something that you like. ( A picture, object, image, wooden bird…)
  2. Choose a place where you can see it often enough. (For me it was the wall in front of my couch)
  3. Make it officially YOUR “fly away point". Every time you consciously see that point, you take a moment to STOP, sit down, stand on you head or something else you're comfy with.
  4. In that moment you just let all your crazy insane thoughts PASS by. Let them fly away. They will have their own glory moment and will be finished  bothering you!
  5. Don't judge. Let it all go. Sometimes you'll think: "What the hell am I doing? I feel like an idiot!" Honestly you'll look like one too. But hey, it just works, so bare with me!
  6. After 5 minutes you go back to what you were doing and your focus will be on point! 

Be surprised of the fantastic thoughts that will come to your mind. Some of the greatest ideas will find a way through. You can even put down a notebook next to your "fly away point" and write  down all your mind doodles. Finally your thoughts can stop screaming, cause they will get their own moment to shine! Of course, some times you won't have the patience to do this exercise. So what??? You've tried, so that counts right? Others days' your brain won't stop shouting, then give it some extra carpet time. 

You’ll be amazed of the things that will come out of that magnificent brain of yours! Don't forget to write your experiences down in the comment section below. Would love to hear back from you! 

X.  Focus, be creative, and grow big! ;)


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