13 complete random facts about me!


Hi piece of awesomeness! 

Time for some personal juice on Petitou! It's time to get to know each other a little better. We all have some guilty pleasures we're not proud of. Or we have little habits that makes us feel ashamed. Good news! That's totally OKAY. The thing is that the definition of "normal", is a made up fact by our environment. Our strangest habits make us unique and special. It distuingishes us from each other and gives us some extra zazazoem.  So let your crazy in, and be proud of being different! 

Here are some strange little random facts about me! 

  1. In 2016, I visited South Africa for the first time and got myself a new boyfriend. I didn't know monkey's were so willingly and euuhhh.. passionate! Let's say that once they get their mind set on you, there's no turning back! 

  2. On that same trip I also got a real human boyfriend, Jonas. (Crazy guy with an awesome travel blog: www.thewildesttrail.com) My monkey boyfriend didn't like that too much so he bit me. Yep, got warrior marks to prove it! 
  3. One day I'll turn into a piece of sushi. LOVE IT! I mean REALY AMAZING, GOD DAMN IT, I WANT SUSHI NOW, type of love! Ever in Belgium? Go to www.shokudo.be, best sushi you'll find! 
  4. In my free time I do animation work as a break from therapy and coaching. So don't get surprised if you'll find me dressed like a moron! 
  5. As you know I work as a hypnotist and coach.  My dream is to help people all around the world find their awesome-self and passion! 
  6. No, you won't fall asleep while looking in my eyes. But I can let you bark like a dog if you want too? Naaahhh, I'm to nice for that! I'll probably need to write a blogpost to clear up the whole hypnosis shenanigans! 
  7. I fit in a sportsbag. I know, why would you try right? Honestly I have no clue!
  8. My cat, Paulus, is named after my grandfather who sadly passed away a couple of years ago. (Paul) Great man, loved him a lot. I really was a grandpa's girl, still am! 
  9. Oh and I named my dog, Fien, after my still living grandmother! I loved the idea that somehow they will still live on, together! Corny right...
  10. I really love animals.  Jonas (the boyfriend) is a wildlife veterinarian so I got some amazing chances to meet my favorite animals ever! One really stood out, this AMAZING elephant who loved being rubbed on his tongue! 
  11. I love the smell of  rain on the driveways warming up in the sun. The smell that comes from the condense gives me a relaxed feeling inside. 
  12. Does any of you also lick the salt from their pringle chips first before eating it? I know, gross! You can judge me on this one, but I'll keep doing it anyway!
  13. I'm a sucker for emotional crap. I even cry when the bad guy dies at the end of a movie! You can imagine what the fox and the hound did with me. But hey! That empathy is great for  coaching. 

Okay, 13 facts are enough for now! While reading my blog you will get to know me a lot better. And if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and shoot! 

Now it's YOUR turn! Tell me your random crazy facts. I would love to get to know YOU better! 

X. Focus small, grow big!