Petitou is all about taking back control and living life the fullest. As you know it's devided into two amazing topics. #Alotofalittle and #brainbosses. I would love to give you some more information about "A lot of a little"

A lot of a little is all about focussing on the small things in life again and grow big! The blogpost covering this subject are all about fun, giggles, laughter and amazing things in life! It includes nature, traveling, animals, food, and my personal struggles and craziness in life! 

If there are any products, topics or opinions u would like to see on Petitou? Please feel free to send me a request. I will do everything in my power to make post of it and will reply personally! You guys are awesome and it's that awesomeness we need more of in the world! 

I really appreciate your input. If there is anything you would love me to write about. Or you have great tips of your own that would help others? Feel free to contact me! I will reply and do my absolutely best to spread the love as soon as possible! 


Yes, I have an awesome idea! 

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